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Financial Independence Retire Early (or FIRE) has become more and more popular over the past several years.

For example, there are tons of personal finance blogs, websites, podcasts, you name … that cover early retirement and financial freedom topics.

Personal finance bloggers like Mr. Money Money Mustache and the Mad Fientist have given us a blueprint on how to reach financial independence.

Not only are there tons of blogs to find great content on FIRE, there are other media outlets to learn this awesome topic. For example, I highly recommend the ChooseFI podcast as a place to start.

Financial Independence According to The Money Sprout

Becoming financially independent (FI) is one of my personal goals. My wife and I have 3 children and currently live comfortably off a single income. Our family has our own FI journey that we are living every single day. We enjoy writing about our experiences on this path … both good and bad.

One of the topics my wife and I are very passionate about is raising financially independent kids. Many people refer to this as – Second Generation FI. You can check out all our articles written about 2nd Gen FI using the link below.

Another important topic we often like to discuss is building our net worth. This requires a combination of living well below our means (aka saving) and increasing our income … normally through side hustles.

Then the real magic happens when you continue to widen the gap between your savings and income. In order to accelerate your path to FI, it is critical to invest the gap (or the difference between income and expenses). Our personal philosophy is to invest our difference (or gap) in dividend income stocks.

Check out more posts on these topics below –

Feel free to browse around and check out our past articles on reaching financial independence. We cover a lot of different topics and try to write from our own personal experiences.

How to Start an Emergency Fund

Most experts would agree – starting an emergency fund is a critical step in managing your personal finances.  Without a solid emergency fund, you (and your family) could be at risk for financial ruin in the event of a job loss, medical emergency, or something worse. If you are just getting started in adulthood or haven’t […]

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