Dividend Income Portfolio

The Money Sprout Dividend Income Index

The following is an index of stocks that my family currently owns in our portfolio. The Money Sprout Index is a work in progress. Some of the stocks found in the portfolio we have owned for almost 10 years like ED, JNJ, and SYY. While others have just been added to the portfolio as early as this year through our LOYAL3 and Robinhood accounts.

You can find monthly and annual dividend income reports for stocks in our portfolio on our Dividend Income Results Page.

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Our Stock Holdings – Taxable Accounts

The chart below represents stocks that we currently own in The Money Sprout Index. I have included the number of shares currently owned, along with the current yield. Keep in mind, this chart is a snapshot in time and is updated at about once a quarter. Therefore, some of the information found here may be outdated – especially the current dividend.

I have also included our yield on cost (YOC) to show the power of holding a stock for many years as opposed to continuous buying and selling.

Just look at the YOC on our ED holding! While we are not currently adding new shares of ED to our portfolio, we have held these shares for almost a decade and our yield on those shares is now well over 10%!

In addition to yield on cost, I have provided our estimated annual dividend income per stock as well as the total for our portfolio. This is based on the number of shares we own multiplied by the current dividend. It is a great way to show our expected dividend income for the next 12 months – assuming the company maintains their dividend at a minimum. If a company increases their dividend, then this value goes up!


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Our Stock Holdings – Taxable Accounts


The Money Sprout Index will be updated each quarter at a minimum. The most recent update was made on February 9th, 2018.

Note – The Money Sprout Dividend Income Index is not a recommendation to buy any stocks. This index currently reflects our own dividend income stock holdings and provides accountability to information found on this site. Please do your own research when investing in the stock market.

For more information on building a dividend income portfolio, please visit the – Dividend Stock Resources Page.