Dividend Stock Resources

The Dividend Stock Resources page is a collection of tools, ideas, and guides that I have put together from my own investment experience. I have included information below about my own dividend stock portfolio to let everyone know what companies I own. Hopefully this index can generate some investment ideas for those who visit the page.

The resource page also includes several “How To” guides that I have put together here on The Money Sprout. As I add new content to the site, I will keep these guides updated on this page.

Finally, their is a list of external links to products or tools that I have found useful in my investment experience. These external resources include stock screening tools as well as external brokers that I use to make my life easier.

I hope that you can leverage some of the information provided below to build your portfolio.

My Dividend Stock Portfolio

I currently track all of my stock portfolio holdings in the Money Sprout Dividend Income Index. This index is published as a way to document the stocks that I own, am buying, and occasionally selling. The stock index is updated at least once a month to keep up with my current investment activities.

The Money Sprout Index is by no means a recommendation to “buy the stocks” found on the list, but rather an opportunity to generate investment ideas. The index includes all of my current holdings, annual dividends (projected and actual), yield on cost, sector weight, and more.

If you are new to dividend income investing, I recommend you take a look at the list as a starting point only. It is important to do your own research and not rely on others to make your investment decisions.

If you have any questions about the index, please don’t hesitate to send me an email using my contact form. I am more than happy to help answer your questions.

I also publish monthly dividend income results and yearly investment goals. Please visit my Dividend Income Results page for a list of past results.

How To Guides on Dividend Investing

Here are a few helpful “How To” guides to get you started on dividend investing that I have put together. If there is a topic that you are interested in learning about that you don’t see here, get in touch with me (through the contact form) and I will help you out!

How to Calculate Dividend Yield
How to Calculate a Return on Investment
How to Calculate the Dividend Payout Ratio of a Stock
How to Build a Solid Foundation of Dividend Stocks
How to Track 12 Month Forward Dividend Income
How to Calculate Yield on Cost for Dividend Stocks

Tools for Screening Dividend Stocks

The following tools are a wonderful collection of resources investors can use to screen for dividend stocks.

The DRiP Investing Resource CenterI download the U.S. Dividend Champions list at the beginning of every month. That is the 1st of 8 steps that I complete at the beginning of each new month. These steps are completed in order to build a current dividend stock watch list.

Investing With the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats
8 Steps to Selecting the Best Dividend Stocks

Where to Buy Dividend Stocks?

Small investors like myself need to keep our costs as low as possible when buying dividend stocks. Instead of paying $5, $10, or even more in brokerage commissions, why not use one the several free investment tools available today?

Robinhood – Zero Commission Stock Trading

Other Helpful Dividend Resources

The Secret of Successful Dividend Investors – Yield on Cost