7 Things We Donated This Year (Already)

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We have been on a mission already this year getting rid of items around the home that we no longer use.

Last weekend, we cleaned out our garage. The week before my wife and I both went through our closets and dressers. Next weekend we are going to tackle the attic.

One of our goals this year is to adopt more of a minimalist mindset. We want to live with fewer material items – especially those items that we no longer use and are just taking up space.

As we were going through our junk around the home, we have been sorting items into 3 different categories –

  1. Items to Try and Resell
  2. Donation Items
  3. Trash or Recycle

There were a few things unopened we found that we will try and resell on eBay or Fulfillment by Amazon. We had a few electronics and games that are in this category.

The majority of our stuff will be or has already been donated to one of several charities we use. Clothes and used toys make up most of this group.

Finally, if we can’t resell or donate … we will try to recycle whatever we can. If it can’t be recycled … then it is thrown in the trash – old worn out shoes for example.

7 Items We Donated Already This Year

Since most of the things we are getting rid of fall into the donation category, I thought it would be good to compile a list.

Here is a list of 7 different things (or groups of things) that we have already donated this year (and it is only January).

1 – My Old Car
Yes, we finally donated my old car. After 16+ years of driving the same vehicle, it was time to replace it. Based on the model and condition of the car … a trade in was not an option – so we donated.

I am not looking forward to car payments now, but having a reliable vehicle does mean a bunch.

And donating the old car and getting it out of the driveway made me feel good for some reason. At least I won’t have to worry about oil and transmission fluid staining my concrete anymore.

2 – Sporting Equipment
We had a big collection of old sports equipment that has been outgrown by our kids.

Baseball bats and helmets, old soccer balls and a net, etc. We don’t have a use for these things anymore and they have been taking up space in the garage.

3 – T-Shirts
Wow – I had a ton of t-shirts in my dresser drawer I didn’t even remember I had. I cleaned out one full drawer of old t-shirts.

That allowed me to make room for other clothes I had piling up in our closet.

I am in an all around better mood now when I go to put on some clothes. Everything is just more organized and clean.

4 – Bike & Running Stroller
We have had an old bike in our garage for at least 2 years now that hasn’t been ridden. And a running stroller hanging up on our wall that hasn’t been used in at least 5 years.

Neither item was really worth selling, so we donated the bike to a charity and put the running stroller out by the curb.

We actually put a lot of things out by the curb the night before our trash is picked up that still have value. I am amazed that almost every time the item gets picked up.

It gives me a good feeling knowing that someone else can use the item still … rather than going into a landfill.

5 – Ride on Vehicle
We have had a ride on vehicle that all 3 of our kids used. It is over 12 years old and the battery can’t hold a charge anymore.

Since all 3 of our kids have outgrown it, we decided to give it away instead of buying a new battery. We put it out by the curb and within 2 days somebody picked it up to use.

This was more of a sentimental item than other things … so it was nice to see it wasn’t trashed.

6 – Mugs and Dishware
Mugs are one thing that without knowing it … we just seem to accumulate. Not sure how, but it always seems like we keep picking up more mugs for the kitchen.

Well over the holidays, my wife and I bought a new set of matching mugs that we wanted to start using. So we went through and donated all of the random mugs in our kitchen. Except those that have photos of our kids on them.

The cabinets are cleaner and more organized. Just like with our clothes … having well organized kitchen cabinets put us in a happier mood for some reason.

7 – Toys
Every 6 months or so, my wife does an inventory of kids books and toys. With 3 kids, we tend to get a decent collection of unused toys, games, and books.

We try and pass them down to other family members when we can (especially the books). If not, everything else is donated to a charity.

As toys age out … we move them on out of the house. Whenever we move out the next group of toys, our house just feels cleaner.

A Cleaner Home and Life

I don’t know what it is … but getting rid of clutter just feels good.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have spent several days cleaning out our home. The garage, our kitchen and office, the toy room – etc.

We have been able to donate several items from this de-cluttering. Our house is more organized and we just have more space.

This is our goal for the new year to start adopting more of a minimalist lifestyle.

As you can probably figure out … there is a common theme about donating all those items we listed above.

We have more space around our home. It feels more organized and quite honestly … puts us in a happier place.

Do you ever declutter? Do you get the same happy feeling of being organized that my wife and I experience?

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