How to Travel to Hawaii for Practically Free

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Building a portfolio of travel rewards points can be very addictive. My wife and I only recently opened up our first travel rewards card and are already hooked.

Provided you are responsible with your credit card spending, payoff your balance every month, and avoid late fee’s … it is possible to earn thousands and thousands of dollars in free travel every single year!

Don’t believe me? Check out this article on how a family of four traveled to Disney in Orlando (with extended family) for almost nothing. All they had to do was put the majority of the their monthly spending on credit cards with huge bonuses. That’s it! And of course make sure to payoff the balance each month on their cards.

What family wouldn’t want a free trip to Disney?

Well, I got one better (at least I think so) than taking our family to Disney. We want to take our family to Hawaii in a few years!

Planning a Trip to Hawaii

My wife went to Hawaii with her family back when she was in high-school and absolutely loved it. When we first met, I always told her that someday I would take her back. Well 15+ years and 3 kids later … and we haven’t taken that trip.

We are certainly not getting any younger and our oldest kid will be starting high-school next year … so it is time to start planning.

Part of my hesitation in the past on taking a trip to Hawaii was the cost. My wife and I are very frugal people … some call us cheap. So the thought of spending thousands and thousands of dollars for a trip is not very appealing.

Which is why we both got really excited after first hearing about using travel rewards for FREE vacations.

Using Travel Rewards to Visit Hawaii for FREE

From my reading and exploring the world of travel rewards, I believe it is possible to build up enough points to take our family of 5 to Hawaii for almost no cost. Our family does not do a whole lot of traveling, especially flying … so this will be an experience for all of us planning the trip.

In fact, all 3 of our kids have never been on a plane, and it has been over 15 years since my wife or I have flown. I actually hate to fly … so that is another hesitation of mine … but hey it is Hawaii!

So we are starting to plan out our trip now for traveling there in a couple years … and will try to use travel rewards to pay for most of it. I realize that there are likely some fee’s we may have to pay … but our goal is to make this as close to FREE as we can.

Here are a few details of the trip we are starting to plan –

  • traveling from the east coast (US) to Hawaii
  • family of 5 (2 adults and 3 children)
  • 10 to 14 day trip (if possible)
  • tentative year of travel – 2020
  • likely will need to plan around school schedule

Building our Trip and Travel Rewards Portfolio

Over the next several months and years … we plan to document our strategy for building a FREE trip to Hawaii for our family. From earning travel rewards points to the cards we open, to the airline we plan to fly … we will publish it here.

By doing so, we hope to share our story of traveling to Hawaii for free. I know that after I read about the family of 4 visiting Disney for free, I was very motivated in planning our trip. Hopefully our story will do the same for you.

Plus, I hope that these future posts will get the feedback from others who have earned free travel in the past. Maybe I can learn something from our great audience?

If you want to find all of our travel rewards updates in one easy place, check out our Travel Rewards page.

Do you earn free travel from credit cards? What has been your best trip so far? Any suggestions for taking a family of 5 to Hawaii?

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