Guide to Ditching Cable Part 3 – The Yidio App

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Earlier this year, my wife and I decided that it was finally time to ditch our cable for good. When our cable, internet, and phone bundle pushed pass $200 per month – we finally had enough.

Our family enjoys watching television, but the cost no longer justified the amount we started paying each month. So instead of cable, we have decided to stream television from several services through a couple different devices.

We are publishing a series of articles here that will track our first hand experience ditching cable. The first post in this series highlighted the different options we are using to stream television into our home. For example, we are using Amazon Fire TV sticks for our kids.

The second article covered the list of streaming services that we have initially signed up for along with the monthly costs. We have signed up for services including – Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV to start.

The one catch with all of these services like Netflix, is that they are not a one stop shop for watching your favorite shows. For example, the most recent episode of Modern Family cannot be watched on Netflix. However, we can switch over to Hulu and catch it soon after it is aired.

However, if I wanted to watch an episode of Criminal Minds from last season, then we would need to use Netflix. To make it more confusing, the latest episode of this show can only be found on the CBS service.

Sorting through all of these options can seem confusing and cumbersome – making cable look like the better option. Fortunately, there is an app that can help save a bunch of time and help you navigate through the different options.


Short for “Your Internet Video”, Yidio is an easy to use app that helps users find where to watch their favorite shows.

After we decided to ditch our cable for good, we realized that it was a little hard navigating between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. Overall, each offers great programming for shows that we watch. However, none of these services on their own are a one stop shop like traditional cable for watching television.

This is where the Yidio app has helped us move past traditional cable. After downloading this free app onto my iPhone 6, we have used it on many occasions to figure out where and when to watch our favorite shows.

All we need to do is search on a show or a movie and the app returns a listing of different seasons and episodes to pick from. Selecting specific episodes from the search will quickly point out where we can watch it for free or if it is only available for pay through a different service.


We are still trying to figure out life without traditional cable. Overall, it was a great move to save $75+ dollars each month by ditching it. However, trying to figure out where to watch a show or episode has been a bit cumbersome and time consuming at first.

That is where the Yidio app has helped us. If you find yourself wanting to ditch cable but are confused about where to watch your shows – I would suggest trying out the free Yidio service by downloading the app.

Have you used Yidio to find where to watch your favorite shows? How was your experience using the app?

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