Side Income Results

Side Income Results

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Welcome to our side income page that provides a look into our latest income reports. These reports include money that our family is earning outside of our regular 9 to 5 jobs.

Financial Independence (FI) is our end goal here on The Money Sprout. And in order to reach that point, our family is focused on living well below our means.

In order to live well below our means … we are focused on minimizing our expenses (liabilities) while maximizing our income (assets). As you can tell from our past net worth updates, we are slowly widening the gap between the two.

When it comes to maximizing our income, our goal is to continue hustling and build sustainable side income streams that are mostly passive.

As each source of income grows, we will reinvest the earnings in order to compound our income potential.

Below you will find the various sources of side income that we are earning. We will continue to keep this page updated with the latest earnings results.


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Building a diversified portfolio of dividend stocks has been our most successful income stream to date (and the only one we are currently reporting on).

Each month I detail our dividend income results and provide updates to The Money Sprout Index.

Below you will find our past annual dividend income results. If you want to find more details about specific months, please check out our monthly results page which you can find here – our dividend income.

  • 2016 YTD Dividend Income – $1,649.28
  • 2015 Dividend Income – $1,475.00
  • 2014 Dividend Income – $967.12
  • 2013 Dividend Income – $652.21
  • 2012 Dividend Income – $432.01
  • 2011 Dividend Income – $243.81

My … look at how our dividend income has grown over the years. It takes time and patience to build sustainable dividend income, but it is well worth the effort.

To learn more about investing in dividend stocks, check out our articles on – Dividend Stock Investing.



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Coming Soon …


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We currently don’t report on any other side income other than dividend stocks. However, we are working hard at developing several other sources of income. Some of these may work out while others may not.

As we continue to grow The Money Sprout site, we will share with our readers our other side income successes as well as our failures.