Dividend Income – November 2014

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As 2014 is winds down, I realize that I won’t hit my goal of earning $1,250.00. I actually will end up with a little bit less than ,000 in earned dividends this year.

While my year long goals will not be met, I am still happy with the overall growth I have seen from my stock portfolio. November was another solid month for me and I look forward to carrying this growth into the new year.

Here are my results for November, 2014 –

2014 November Dividend Income Results

Based on the companies I own in the Money Sprout Index, November is one of the slower months when it comes to dividend income. My monthly dividends dropped by over $90 compared to my earnings just two months ago. Let’s point out though that two months ago, in September, I set my all time high in monthly dividends – $133.83.

November 2014 Dividend Income – $43.16

Don’t let the November dividend total fool you. This may seem like a significant decrease from the past two months, but it is far from that. All of the dividends I earn are paid quarterly, so there are lots of ups and downs as we move through the year.

For example, I am looking forward to December where I expect to set a new monthly dividend income record!

Note – All of my dividends I currently receive are reinvested into new shares of the same stock using DRiP – except those purchased through my LOYAL3 account.

Here is the breakdown of dividend income (by stock) in November, along with the number of new shares added from DRiP –

  • The Clorox Company (CLX) – $23.50 (.23 shares)
  • Lowe’s Companies Inc. (LOW) – $5.59 (.10 shares)
  • The Proctor & Gamble Company (PG) – $11.13 (.12 shares)
  • Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) – $2.94 (.06 shares)

New Capital Invested in November

Every month, I invest new capital into new shares of dividend stocks. I made several new investments (outside of DRiP) during the month of November.

Here are the new investments I made in November –

  • $50 automatic investment in Intel (INTC) – 1.47 shares
  • $25 automatic investment in Coca-Cola (KO) – .59 shares
  • $50 automatic investment in McDonald’s Corp (MCD) – .53 shares
  • $50 automatic investment in Microsoft (MSFT) – 1.05 shares
  • $50 automatic investment in WalMart (WMT) – .64 shares
  • $250 automatic investment in Exxon Mobile (XOM) – 2.63 shares

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, my Verizon automatic investment was not made until the beginning of December. To keep things simple, I report all of my dividend income earned and new investments made in the month they occur. Therefore, I will likely report a double investment made in Verizon during December.

With the exception of increasing my McDonald’s investment from $25 to $50 a month, all other automatic investments remained the same as last month.

Note – Each one of my automated investments was made through LOYAL3 – except for Exxon Mobile where I used Computershare.

The total amount of new capital invested in October was – $475.

Here are my new investment totals for the year –

  • January Investments – $1,747.41
  • February Investments – $475.00
  • March Investments – $575.00
  • April Investments – $725.00
  • May Investments – $725.00
  • June Investments – $725.00
  • July Investments – $475.00
  • August Investments – $475.00
  • September Investments – $475.00
  • October Investments – $575.00
  • November Investments – $475.00

New 2014 Investments – $7,447.41

Final Thoughts

The dividend income earned in October ($43.16) from 4 stocks was a decrease of $36 from the previous month. Even though my monthly total dropped, I saw continued increase in my 3 month rolling average.

Since all of the companies I own pay a quarterly dividend, the average of the past 3 months makes it easier to track month to month totals. During November, I was able to raise my 3 month rolling average to $85.38, which was an increase of $.68.

My total dividend income earned for 2014 so far (January to November) is – $820.30

Full Disclosure – At the time of this writing, I owned shares in the following stocks noted in this post – CLX, INTC, KO, LOW, MCD, MSFT, PG, VZ, WMT, and XOM. The material above is not a recommendation to buy. Please do your own research on a company before deciding to invest.

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