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How We Are Funding Our IRA Accounts

One of the biggest personal finance regrets I have is that my wife and I have been neglecting our tax deferred accounts for the past couple of years. Other than my employer’s pension plan, most of our savings the past 6 years have been made in our taxable accounts. And while we have been saving […]

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Help Fund Your IRA by Selling on Amazon

When it comes to side hustles, there is no question that selling stuff online is one of my least favorite ways to earn extra cash. Getting rid of clutter and earning some extra money is great. But I just can’t stand the whole process of selling items … especially online. In the past, my wife […]

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How to Start Funding an IRA by Hustling

For the last couple of days, I have been talking about a new account (actually an older checking account renamed) called the Hustle Account we are working to fund. Basically, this account will be used to collect all the monthly savings we are finding in our budget. Some of those savings will be small … […]

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How to Save $150 on Your Cell Phone Bill

My wife and I have been on a quest lately to try and cut down our spending by questioning all of our monthly bills. From grocery expenses to monthly utility costs … we are trying to pinch every last penny we can. Of course, there are certain things we are not interested in cutting back […]

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