June 2017 – Net Worth Update

How to Grow Net Worth - June 2017

We have been tracking our net worth for over 2 years now. And almost every single time we report our numbers … we see our total net worth grow. Now once again … for the 6th consecutive month (starting in January of this year) … we have grown our net worth. Overall, our net worth […]

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Target (TGT) Rewards Shareholders with Dividend Increase

Target (TGT) Raises Dividend by 3.3%

What’s the best thing about owning a portfolio of dividend paying stocks? It is the raises that my family gets almost every single year from the 30 stocks that we own. Some companies give great big raises of 17% or higher. Others give small raises around 2%. Collectively, each of these raises pushes our dividend […]

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How Many Stocks Should I Own as a Dividend Investor?

As an investor, have you ever asked yourself the following question – “How many stocks should I own? I know that I have asked this same question over and over through the years. In fact, I still ask that question today. There really is no correct answer. The number of stocks you “should” own would […]

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