Where Did We Spend Our Money Last Month?

How did we spend our money in November?

A couple months ago, my wife and I decided it was time to get serious about our personal finances. We have always lived within our means and have never carried any large debt … other than our mortgage. But the problem with living within your means is that it just isn’t enough. At least for […]

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November 2016 Dividend Income – $124.48

How we earned $124.48 in dividends for November 2016

Only one more month to go and then we will start the new year. Before we get to 2017 though, we need to give our most recent dividend income result for November. When it comes to dividend income, November is just one of those months that slowly helps to build our portfolio. Overall, we saw […]

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How to Grow Dividend Income – November 2016 Updates

The fastest way to grow your dividend income is through new investments.

Over the past decade, my family has managed to live below our means. Basically, our expenses have been slightly lower than our income. And any income leftover has been put away in savings or invested into dividend stocks. Recently, we have changed our focus from living within our means to living well below our means. […]

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